Frequently Asked Questions2018-11-14T11:13:13-06:00
Why should I call Frank James – Public Adjuster?2018-11-14T11:11:36-06:00

Our experience of having worked with insurance companies for many years gives us the insight of how claims are truly handled.

What if my insurance company denies my claim?2018-11-14T11:11:53-06:00

No does not always mean no. A lot of times insured’s are initially told no but after presenting additional information in the right manner, many times no turns into yes.

What if my insurance company adjuster tells me I do not need a Public Adjuster?2018-11-14T11:14:51-06:00

Remember, the adjuster telling you this works for the insurance company. In almost every situation we are able to add considerable value to your claim.

What if my contractor says he is an insurance specialist and/or he can handle negotiations with my insurance adjuster?2018-11-14T11:15:44-06:00

Texas has passed laws preventing contractors from representing themselves as insurance specialists. The contractor will often solicit work from the insurance adjuster and does not want to be on the adjuster’s bad side in fear of losing out on potential future work. Sometimes the insurance adjuster will speak to the contractor about potential future work and as a result, your claim could be compromised.

What does it cost to meet with someone from Frank James – Public Adjuster to discuss the facts of my claim?2018-11-14T11:16:37-06:00

We will meet with you to review and discuss your claim for free.

What if my claim is denied and I do not get paid on my claim?2018-11-14T11:17:38-06:00

If your claim is denied and you do not get paid on your claim, there is no charge for our services.

How much does Frank James – Public Adjuster charge for your services?2018-11-14T11:18:23-06:00

The going rate is 10% of the total amount of the claim for which service is provided. IE: If we help you with your building loss and you handle the contents loss with the insurance company yourself, we would only charge you the agreed percentage of the building loss amount to be paid. We may be able to charge less than 10% of the paid claim, depending on the amount of the covered loss, type of loss and other facts of the claim.

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