Do you need help with a property damage claim? Assurance Claims Service Co. – Public Adjusters. We serve home and business owners in and around Austin, TX, as a public adjuster. Whatever kind of property damage you’ve suffered, we can help you navigate the claims process and increase your chances of getting maximum compensation.

Insurance Assistance for Any Situation

Whether your home or business is damaged in an accident or natural disaster, you may find it difficult to catalog all the damage done.

Assurance Claims Service Co. can help you avoid these problems. With our decades of experience in insurance restoration and property claims adjusting, we know what to file for whether your property has been damaged by any of the following or more: tornado, lightning, fire, hail, water, freeze, vandalism,  vehicle or aircraft accidents. We can also assist you with your contents and/or business interruption loss.

No matter what the scenario, YOU CAN REST ASSURED with Assurance Claims Service Co’s assistance in presenting the extent of your damages and work with your insurance company to get you the payout that you deserve and need. Call us today at (469) 323-5365. to discuss your property damage claim so we can help decide what’s the best way to proceed..